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“I learned about the “Priority Pyramid” and how to apply the principles to our married life.  Very informative on how to stifle emotions and consult with the Lord for guidance before reacting to help turn a bad situation around.  Many scriptures were discussed that were extremely informative and helpful in backing up everything that was discussed in the study lessons.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone about to become a blended family or are already in one and have encountered the problems involved with one.”  – Claudia T.



 “The direction of the “Priority Pyramid” was a great eye opener.  The classes broke down the practical aspects of joining two different families.  My husband wanted to take ‘Respond in Grace’ class twice.  I have seen a quite a difference in how he relates to my 8-year old daughter and I.  He is ‘getting it’.  I think we have both taken some bricks out of our backpacks.  Thank you so much for opening our eyes to what seems to be common sense.” – Carol and Chuck D.



 “We have 3 boys ages 13, 9 and 8.  We’ve been married for three years along with six months time apart.  We have come back together with the help of church and the Blended Families class.  I understand the workings of the “Priority Pyramid” with God first, wife and husband second and then the kids.  The importance is making things work with love, rules and how we as a couple work together because we are “one”.  We’re not the only ones in the class going through the joining together through mixing of the families.  It’s nice to speak to one another and learn through all of our mistakes to make it right with God’s help.”  – Derrik P.



 “The Blended Families class has changed my life in many ways.  I am a life-time Catholic of 43 years.  My husband and I have been married for almost three years but after a year of marriage, we had trouble.  My husband grew up without going to church with his family and never understood the importance of it until now.  A person we know from our church recommended this class.  At the time, we were separated and now we are not.

I have learned about the “Priority Pyramid”, how to always place God first and then our marriage.  I thought the kids always came first.  I have learned how to cope in a blended family through reading Bible verses, praying with my husband and our kids.  The instructors and other people in the class give me much hope for the future.  I have learned how significant our relationship is to our children.  Through this class I have gotten new step-parenting skills and have learned the difference between discipline and punishment.” – Diane P. 



I walked into the Blended Families class on ‘day one,’ and said to Larry and Carol Snapp, “I realized the class was advertised for couples, but after prayerful consideration sensed God’s leading to attend.”   I was joyously welcomed to join, being the only single person, not once feeling out of place.    My reason for attendance was God whispering to my heart that, “This is the year for Him to bring a husband, but, I must learn how to act as a Christian wife, first!” 


“Look into the scroll of the Lord and read: None of these will be missing, not one will lack her mate.  For it is his mouth that has given the order, and his Spirit will gather them together.”  Isaiah 34:16


Simply by showing up to God’s call, each week deep changes in my heart and mind occurred, as we studied the ‘cross’ or vertical relationship to God as the foundation of the class.  The Blended Families book was helpful to follow along, allowing the Word to feed into my eyes and ears simultaneously and providing the opportunity to further study at home, with the possibility for deeper meditation.


What I admired most about Blended Families is the attention to God’s Word, and speaking it out, which allowed the Holy Spirit to do the necessary work in me, in addition, to prayer as a foundation.  Larry and Carol honored prayer to the point of even demonstrating how a husband and wife are to pray together daily, stating the importance of including this in your marriage and doing it regardless of how you feel. 


Being married twice, the common denominator in the marriages was ‘me,’ and since the issues were the same with different husbands, the one who requires the ‘changing’ is obvious and the only One who can do it is Jesus and God’s perfect love through His Word and prayer, which all were included as basic parts of Blended Families.   God’s love and abundant provision were evident in everything the Snapps did and offered in this class.


In addition to my own revelations and changes during this course, the testimonies of other couples as to what was taking place within their own families was evident of the supernatural power of God at work.   Such as, behavior changes in family members and even those within the class.  It was a witness of the goodness of God that simply by abiding in His truth and coming together in unity and agreement in His Word, just as it is written in Matthew 18:19, things start happening that can only be explained as ‘God!’


This class is perfect for a single person who sincerely desires to understand and put into practice a Godly marriage and let the past behind, and I could not imagine a more loving, knowledgeable couple than the Snapps.  Their love of the Lord, His Word, prayer, and people are evident, and I know that many blessings are coming in my own life through my Blended Families attendance, and believe that the greatest testimony of it is on its way, praise the Lord!

   – Cinthia S



This class has made me realize how little my relationship is with God, it has shown me new ways to get closer and have a more meaningful relationship with my God. Although we are still in our counseling process, being in the class has cleared a lot of questions and concerns for me and marriage. I realized that my spouse and I are not alone and we are not the only ones that go through these trials and tribulations. My faith in God has grown and will continue to grow. I’m more aware of the changes that need to happen and with practice and God’s Will I believe it will happen. My spouse and I got a lot of curiosity out of the other couples because we are young, as to what brought us to the class. Our answer is, let’s work on the little petty things now so that they don’t grow into anger and resentment later. If I share anything to others, I would say, that you don’t have to be married for any number of years to feel eligible to take a class or get counseling. Don’t feel embarrassed that even though you have just been married for a short time, that things are not going as planned. Lets face it, at first you FALL in love, but then what do you do when its time to get up and face reality. You will need help, and God.  Larry and Carol were here to help us. Let them help you.  - Chris and Sally A.


This class has reminded me of many things and shed new light on the “shift your paradigm theory”.  It is easy to forget the way God intended us to share our lives with another person.  12 weeks ago I was ready to end my marriage with my wife and set out on a new/old life.  That was a very self-centered thing to do, and way to look at bettering my life.  There has not been the “one big event” that is normal to relationships splitting, but just the fact that we have not had God first in our lives, and us first in our house proved to be more than we could handle.  Starting with the first class and making a new commitment to “get our vertical relationship” right set the pace for helping our blended family find a new way to work out our daily struggles.  Every class has sent us home with new topics to discuss, and that alone has been the prefect way to draw us closer together, and helping us bring God back into our conversations.  Our family is showing signs of improvement with every new week.  I trust that we will keep our eyes on God, holding hands and loving our kids, together. - T. O.



Being a part of the Blended Families class, in conjunction with counseling with Dr. Larry and Carol Snapp, has changed the course of our marriage and family.  Only four months ago, our marriage was at a pivotal point.  We had discussed extensively if we were willing to continue the marriage or go our separate directions.  It appeared that we were headed for divorce.  God had a different plan!  I truly believe that on a Sunday morning, He intervened and I had a chance meeting with Andy and Sara after Leo’s marriage class.  They spent about a half hour talking with me and told me that we needed to get involved in couples counseling.  The following week, my phone rang and on the other end was Carol Snapp.  She and Larry wanted to start counseling us and have us attend their Blended Families class on Sunday morning.  It has been amazing what we learned from the first class to the last.  The class has been filled with invaluable information that I had never been exposed to, and I have been in church all of my life.  The class is very well taught.  It is packed full of practical ways of dealing with a blended family and the atmosphere allows for open discussion in a non-threatening environment.  I would recommend this class to every single family that has the joy of being in a blended family.  T. O.



Words cannot express our gratitude for what you did to change the path of our family.  It is amazing how God is using you in a much needed way.  The enemy is hitting God's people where it hurts most: the family.  You and Larry are providing a lifeline to hurting families and God will greatly reward for your willingness to invest in lives.  "My husband" and I have daily hurdles to face, but the wonderful difference is that we are helping each other over the hurdles instead of feeling like we are two individuals, fighting alone.  We cannot thank you enough! - Anonymous 

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